Since our establishment, we have provided our services especially in the textile and promotional products, bags. We have managed to become a long term partner of the leading provider team in Turkey and globally.

As our EVER family, with our knowledge, motivation, we have adopted the principle of high quality - reasonable price - timely delivery with our pre and post sales services.

Each of our products is different from another, and every new demand is a completely new business for us. As the entire EVER team, we are aware of the importance of the work, starting with the mutual customer brief, from the proposal, sample, approval, production, quality control, packaging and delivery.


We operate in three main areas with our expert team in our company headquarters in Istanbul Tekstilkent.

Our Textile Facility: We produce t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, coats, coats, vests, raincoats, shirts, trousers, overalls and fleece products in our facility in Çamlıca, Istanbul.

All products are produced in accordance with the demands of our customers.

Our Bag Facility: We produce all kinds of bags in our product range in our production facility in Zeytinburnu. From design, model, sample, cut,

All stages up to sewing, packaging and delivery are within our own structure.

Imported Promotional Products: We keep hundreds of product types imported from the Far East in stock at our warehouse. Apart from this, Europe's leading supplier of premium promotional representatives in Turkey.

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